How To Bypass Android Security and Access all data

How To Bypass Android Security and Access all data

Android Google’s Linux based Operating System which is one of the most popular OS at present scenario. Android Users are increasing day by day and according to a latest survey there are about 59% smartphones user using Android Worldwide.

So the question arises how much secure is android and how much secure is your smartphone data. In recent study, There is a very interesting android exploit came in attention through which almost every android device is exploitable and you can get the stored password protected data easily. The attack vector used by Tilo Müller, Michael Spreitzenbarth, and Felix Freiling is referred to as a cold boot attack.

The attack uses a very simple vector to exploit RAM content after Mobile is Switched Off means no security state. But the main problem is RAM is a volatile memory.

Piracy is good for authors

How Piracy is good for Independent Authors

Piracy is good for authorsBelieve it or not, contrary to what you have been told, not only piracy is good for authors, but also it has numerous benefits which you couldn’t enjoy without it – especially if you are an independently published author.

As outrageous as this may sound, take a moment and think – what is the biggest enemy of any author?


It’s the historical nemesis of any author. It makes it hard for budding authors to reach audiences, it makes it hard for veteran authors to keep their audience. It’s very hard to break out of obscurity too – if you are left to use traditional means like publishers, traditional marketing, word of mouth, publicity stunts or ‘hitting it big’.

But piracy changes that.

People who pirate your books will give you much more recognition than what you can push through ordinary channels and effort. Your book having thousands of seeders in The Pirate Bay is much bigger endorsement for your book than any publisher could do.

Since research shows that people who are pirating something would not be actually buying them if they were forced to, you can say that most of these people are not your direct audience. However, getting to these people IS a major benefit in that, they not only may convert to your readers in future, but also they will increase your audience through word of mouth.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden successfully utilizes piracy to decide concert gigs which turn to massive sellouts

And then there are other ways to use piracy. For example, Iron Maiden uses piracy numbers to determine where should they hold a concert. (source) This approach has been very beneficial for them according to what they say. They are always selling out on concerts. For you as an author, the piracy stats of your ebooks or normal books per country would indicate where your book could do well, if it was published in print. Traditionally you would have to leave this to the people in your publisher (if you are with a huge publisher), and they would decide. Independently it would be risky for you or your small publisher to make estimates or test waters.

Each and every pirated ebook is a channel in between you and an existing reader or a potential reader. Even dropping a simple link in your ebook to your web page with some tip, some info, an easter egg or whatever you may imagine, can bring massive traffic and directly convert to sales of other items, services, and at the minimum advertising revenue. That also can be employed to increase your social media following, which is much better to reach audiences for a budding author on a permanent basis than any traditional means which were available before.

This is valid for all kinds of piracy. Therefore it is no surprise that a lot of software companies are trying to underhandedly bump up piracy for their products to reach people (source) or budding musicians’ stuff accidentally ‘leaking’ into pirate bay, and many more stuff. Or, Microsoft wants people to pirate their software if they are going to pirate anything. (source)

Long story short, Piracy, combined with the new means the digital world made possible, brings immense freedom and opportunities for all authors. The catch is to adapt to the times and utilize these new benefits. The reward for this is unprecedented freedom and broad frontiers as never seen or explored be fore.

VLC Player Tips & Trick

VLC Player Tips & Trick





VLC Player is one of the best multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. So Here I presents you some tips and tricks of your favourite vlc player.


Some Tricks First

VLC Inception trick

By this trick you get an effect of your current screen like the above image. To perform this trick,

  • Open Vlc Player
  • Press Cltr + N
  • Type Screen://
  • Hit Enter and voilaaaa..

Video as ASCII Output




To Perform this trick:-

  • Open Vlc Player
  • Choose Tools then Preferences
  • click on Video
  • Under Outputchoose ASCII -art video output and click Save..


 Jigsaw Puzzle Game 

1) Open any video and Play

2) Click on Tools -> Effects & Filters -> Video Effects -> Geometry ->Enable Puzzle Game ->and  select number of columns and rows on screen.

3) And play


Some Usefull Tips Now


Convert and Audio or Video to another Format

why download more software when you can already convert any video format to other with VLC. To convert any video:-

  • open VLC
  • click Media then Convert/Save
  • A Dialog Box will pop up select any video file by click “add” and then click Convert/Save
  • Another Dialog Box will popup, here you can Add Source media(the file you want to convert), Choose Destination Folder(where converted file goes) and select the desired file format in Profile under Settings
  • After everything click Start and it will convert to desired format…

Download YouTube and other online videos


  • First of all go to the YouTube video page which you want to download
  • Now open your VLC player. Click on Media–>Open Network stream
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video page and click Play
  •  Once VLC starts streaming the video, click Tools–>Codec Information and at the bottom of the window you will see a Location box
  • Copy the URL and paste it on your browser’s address bar. Now download will start.

Listen To Radio On VLC

To Listen your favorite Radio station on VLC media Player:-

  • click on the PlayList (Ctrl+L)button
  • then on the Internet on the left side
  • This will pop up number of radio stations that you can listen to.
 Record Videos
Many of you don’t know you can record video in VLC, to do this
1) Go on View-> Advanced Control.
2) Click on Record button just above play and pause buttons.
and lastly but not least,
VLC Shortcuts
[CTRL] + [F] Open folder
[CTRL] + [D] Open disc menu
[CTRL] + [R] or [CTRL] + [S] Advanced open file
[CTRL] + [O] Open single file/files
[CTRL] + [Up Arrow] or [CTRL] + [Down Arrow] Increase/Decrease Volume
[F] Switch from/to Fullscreen
[M] Mute and Unmute Audio
[V] Show, Switch, or Hide Movie Subtitles
[Space Bar] Pause or Play the Movie
[P] Play the Movie (from the very beginning)
[S] Stop Playing the Movie
[SHIFT] +[Left Arrow] or [SHIFT] + [Right Arrow] Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 3 seconds
[ALT] + [Left Arrow] or [ALT] + [Right Arrow] Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 10 seconds
[CTRL] + [Left Arrow] or [CTRL] + [Right Arrow] Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 1 minute
[ESC] Exit the Fullscreen mode
[+] or [-] Play the movie faster or slower
[A] Change the aspect ratio
[B] Change Audio/Language track
[C] Crop screen
[G] or [H] Increase or Decrease subtitle delay
[J] or [K] Increase or Decrease audio delay
[Z] Change Zoom
[CTRL] + [1] or [CTRL] + [2] or [CTRL] + [3] or [CTRL] + [4] Change the zoom mode
[T] Show time
[CTRL] + [T] Go to time

Shortcuts to Playlists 
[CTRL] + [H] Hide/Unhide Controls
[CTRL] + [P] VLC Player Preferences
[CTRL] + [E] Adjust Audio/Video Effects
[CTRL] + [B] Edit Bookmarks
[CTRL] + [M] Open Messages
[CTRL] + [N] Open Network
[CTRL] + [C] Open the Capturing Device
[CTRL] + [L] Open Playlist
[CTRL] + [Y] Save Playlist
[CTRL] + [I] or [CTRL] + [J] Media Information
[ALT] + [A] Audio menu
[ALT] + [H] Help menu
[ALT] + [M] Media menu
[ALT] + [P] Playlist menu
[ALT] + [T] Tool menu
[ALT] + [V] Video menu
[ALT] + [L] Playback menu
[D] Show the Movie path
[N] Play Next Movie from Playlist
[F1] Help
[F11] Switch Window to/from Fullscreen Mode
[ALT] + [F4] Quit VLC Media Player

Batch file shortcut to Show or Hide Hidden Files

batch shortcut

Here I present you a simple batch code program to Hide or Unhide your files/folder. It will help you saving your time and you will get more familiar with batch programming.

Basically it is a shortcut for following Controls:-

Control Panel-> Folder Options -> Show Hidden Files

-> Hide Hidden Files
-> Show Protected Operating System Files
-> Hide Protected Operating System Files

if after executing the script your explorer not restarts than

  • press CNTRL+SHIFT+ESC than
  • Go File-> New Tasks
  • Type explorer.exe and press “enter”


[button color=”red” size=”big” link=”” target=”blank” ]Show/Hide Batch Shortcut[/button]


[button color=”red” size=”big” link=”” target=”blank” ]Virus Scan for file[/button]

If you have any problem feel free to ask by comments 🙂

1 more thing I want to add that batch(.bat) files are not always harmfull as most people thinks moreover I think its the most easiest and usefull programming 🙂 I can easily convert it to .exe but I want to show the use of batch commands. So happy coding 🙂

Some interesting feature about Facebook passwords

Facts about Facebook passwords 





Do you know, your Facebook account have 3 passwords? If no, then read on…..



Yes, its true you can access Facebook using 3 different passwords. Its not any hack or something but just some features provided by Facebook to help or make FB easy.

[box type=”info” ]First: ORIGINAL PASSWORD!!![/box]

Obvious, the first one is your original password with which you always logins 🙂

for eg:- techArti


[box type=”info” ]Second: Cases Reversed!!![/box]

Yeah, this is an interesting one. You can login to Facebook by reversing the Lowercase letters to Uppercase and Uppercase to lowercase.


for eg:- if your pass is: techArti then you can login using TECHaRTI too 🙂


[box type=”info” ]Third: First letter Cases Reversed!!![/box]

Its pretty easy one but introduced by Facebook to make login more easier and ignore the easily made errors. You can login to your Facebook by reversing the case of your first letter in pass.


for eg:- if your pass is techArti then you can login using TechArti too 🙂


Hence if your pass is techArti then you can login using

  • techArti
  • TechArti


Hope you enjoyed this trick 🙂


Customize Android Camera, Home shortcut buttons easily

Customize Android Camera, Home shortcut buttons easily

Android is always called an open source, highly customizable platform yet we never have a customization for the default physical buttons like Home button, Camera shortcut button. But thanks to “Home2 Shortcut” it is possible now.


[box type=”info” ]To customize your shortcut buttons, follow these simple steps[/box]

Step 1.  Download “Home2 Shortcut” from the Google Play

Step 2. Lauch it and it will directly take you to the selection menu to select which application you want to launch with a double-tap. Step 3. At Next Step, it will choose for double tap interval but just it normal(default) for now

Step 4. If you have any other Home Launcher installed than select it and select it. But if you have no idea about it then leave it default. Step 5. Now Click the Home button and select “Home2 Shortcut” as a default launcher and check “always”/


You are done, enjoy your new shortcut and you can play more to customize your camera shortcut button or to customize the interval.

If you got any problem just select any other launcher in settings or uninstall the “Home2 Shortcut” it will reset everything to default value and shortcuts.

If you got any problem/suggestion then feel free to ask by comment box below 🙂

Windows 8.1 Preview is here

Windows 8.1 Preview





Yesterday Microsoft announced the preview version for Windows 8.1 at a conference in San Francisco, the company have introduced a few tweaks and some bunch of new features. But if you were hopping for it to return to Window 7 feel then you will gonna get disappointed. Now no more talk and lets check out its new features


New Features in Window 8.1


  • Search in the charm bar is enhanced and integrates Bing. We have a new Search EveryWhere option through which you can search via Bing Directly.




  • Alarms, Health & Fitness, Sound Recorder, Reading List, and Scan utility applications introduced.
  • Internet Explorer 11 which were fully expected in this new version!!!
  • Flexibility in resizing tiles(Large, Wide, Medium, Small). Tiles resizing has been made easy by just holding on click on a tile and selecting the required size, as simple as that!!
  • A better way to “Personalize” your home screen.




  • Able to categorize tiles and put names on top of block.
  • Improved tile movement.
  • Start button alternative. Yup you heard right the much howled feature for Window 8 is released in this version by integrating it to previous Window 7 like Start button but it really isn’t like a Start Button.

A right-click on the so-called Start Button pulls up a quick launch menu of shorts. The menu displays a list of administrative

tools like Power Options, Event View, Disk Management and Windows Shells. It’s not customizable.




  • Windows Store overhaul! Yet its obvious, window store is filled with whole new lot of apps and we liked some of these changes 🙂
  • Built–in cloud storage using SkyDrive. SkyDrive is integrated now and a separate new setting menu is available for it helping you customizing and changing it as per your need.
  • Slideshow, maybe even video on Lockscreen. A very intresting feature 😀





Some Other featurs are:- 

  • Proxy setup within Windows 8
  • An new and easier way to join a Workplace
  • Multitasking to the next level and much more..

Improved Mutlitasking in Window 8.1


Surely these changes have largely improved Window 8. But the main question arises that will Microsoft would able to attract back Window 7 customers??

I thinks that’s a much difficult question and will require some more features and changes to UI for it success.


So what you are waiting for, Just install it now.


Installing Window 8.1 freshly or over Window 8

[box type=”info” ]There are two ways to install Windows 8.1 Preview: through the Windows Store or through the ISO.

Click this link to choose your most preferred method. ISO files are not available yet.

If you’re running Windows 8 and you want to install Windows 8.1 Preview using the ISO, it’s important that you know where your Windows 8 product key is. When you update to the final edition of Windows 8.1 you’ll need your Windows 8 product key to activate.


To install Windows 8.1 Preview from within Windows 8, follow these steps:

1.Download the ISO (.iso) file.

2.Double-tap or double-click the ISO file.

3. Double-tap or double-click setup.exe and follow the steps.

If you’re using Windows RT, the only way to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Preview is through the Windows Store. If you install Windows 8.1 Preview through the Windows Store, you don’t need a product key.

If you download the ISO, you’ll need to enter this product key(PROVIDED BY MICROSOFT IN THE WINDOWS 8.1 PREVIEW FAQ): NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F. [/box]


Post below How you liked the experience of Window 8.1

Best Budget Mobile to buy under ₹15,000

Best Budget Mobiles

Smartphones have evolved much from 2009. The budget smartphones at that time were cheap looks with plagued feature and of course a useless hardware. Today however, we have came a long way since that devices sold in the market these days are not only capable of offering smooth performance along with a good interface, but also have ability to run all apps available in market.

We have tested many mobiles for this particular article ranging from ₹7k to ₹15k and finally after many testing we have 3 winners under this buying advice.

[box type=”shadow” ]Smartphones below ₹15,000[/box]

We have compared as many as 20 smartphones in this category namely Karbonn a9+, a21, a30, Videocon a30, lava xolo x500, xolo 800, sony xperia tipo, micromax canvas 2 A110, a90s, a116 canvas HD and few more…..

If you are considering a smart screen smartphone than  Lava Xolo X500 and Sony Xperia Tipo falls under the category.

Lava Xolo X500 with a price of ₹10,000 come with a decent 480×320 pixels LCD with a 5MP camera. It comes with a 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor with 466MB RAM running on Android 4.04. In contrary Sony Xperia Tipo feels really cute with a 3.2 inch touchscreen and comes with a price tag of ₹8900.

But I would recommend that go for good and large touchscreen device under which come best for money device Micromax Canvas 2 A110 pricing around ₹10,000. It features a 1GHz dual Core processor with 512MB RAM with a 8MP camera running on Android 4.0.


If you can spend a little more and want a ultimate device than go and get MicroMax Canvas a116 HD. It have a price tag of ₹13,990 with a 1.2GHz quad core processor with a 1GB of RAM and 1280×720 pixels LCD. It comes with a 8MP camera running on Android 4.1.1 with a dual sim and screen length of 4.5 inches slightly lower than Canvas 2 A110. It is of Samsung galaxy nexus style with a 5inches of touchscreen. The rear of device is plasticity with glossy making it fingerprint magnet. The device is really right and best to buy for that tag price.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD release date and price

Any other suggestion of any mobile in this price tag?

Uninstall Backtrack 5 when Dual Boot With Windows

Uninstall Backtrack 5 when Installed With Windows


Backtrack 5 is a Linux based operating system very popular for penetration testing and hacking. It includes many popular tools for penetration test and also many popular hacking tools. If you have installed backtrack 5 with window side by side and now you want to uninstall it, then follow these simple steps to switch back to window and completely remove backtrack from your hard drive.

[box type=”note” ]Steps to uninstall backtrack when dual boot with window[/box]

  • First of all you need a live USB/DVD of window. If you have window 7 than get live DVD/USB of window 7. You can make one by downloading window 7 image and using power iso to make a live USB/DVD.
  • After that restart your computer go to BIOS (often by pressing ESC) and change boot order to your USB/DVD.
  • Now in windows 7 installation choose the REPAIR option
  • choose repair this computer with recovery tool and select Command Prompt from it.
  • Now enter this in cmd one by one

bootRec.exe /fixMBR

bootRec.exe /fixBoot

bootRec.exe /ScanOS

  • This will change your bootloader from Linux (Grub) to windows.
  • Now restart the computer and you will notice that window will load directly without asking for backtrack.



  • Right click on “My Computer” and Click on “Manage”
  • Choose “Disk Management” from Storage option
  • You will see all your partition in window. Now delete the unnamed partitions as they are one of which your backtrack is installed.

unistall backtrack


  • Right Click on it and delete the volume. Now you will have unallocated space.
  • Now just click on any drive and click on extend volume, select your unallocated space and click OK.


Congrats!! You successfully uninstalled Backtrack 5 from your computer and recovered the space used by it…


For any problem feel free to ask here. Got any other method to uninstall it? then don’t forget to share it with us…..

Change the log on screen of Windows 7 manually or automatically

Change the log on screen of Windows 7 manually or automatically


Ever wanted to change your default window log on screen background? Then here are two easy to do method to change and edit the log on screen background of window 7 easily and safely.


There are mainly two approach to perform this task Manually by replacing the default background or by using  a simple free utility “background screen changer”. Lets check both the methods and you choose one according to your your interest 🙂


[box type=”note” ]Change window 7 background manually.[/box]

First of before using this method, keep in mind that you image must be in a .jpg format and should not exceed 245kb in size amd change your image name to backgroundDefault.jpg.

  • Now navigate to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\backgrounds and you will see the current logon background of your here, replace it with your background.

*You will need to create that path if it does not already exist on your computer.

  •  Now go to start->run and type regedit in it and you will have a new application poped up.
  • Now in left hand side there is a list of directories, navigate to:


  • Now on right hand side right click on OEMBackground and set the value data to 1.
  • Now log off the computer and you will see your new logon background.

[box type=”note” ]Change window 7 background with software.[/box]


  • Dowload Logon Changer for Windows 7 [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ]Download[/button]
  • Just open the software and select you image it will show you a preview of your new logon screen too.

Know any other method to change the screen? then dont forgot to share with us through comment box…….

Have and problem or suggestion? Feel free to comment here and we will be happy to assist you.