Apple iWatch May be Coming This Year

Apple iWatch to be launched Next Year





Apple much rumored iWatch may be launched the year as Bloomberg reported that “such a device  will greatly increase the company’s revenue“. Reports points that Apple have a team of 100 engineers work on this latest project including designers  engineers and marketing experts. The report also give a direction to launch of this product within this year.


Some of the features you may see in iWatch includes

  • mapping feature to check your coordinates on map,
  • voice functionality  to receive or make call,
  • synchronization of all notification from user’s phone to watch,

It may also include pedometer and some sensors to measure heat data like heart rate etc. There are rumors of many other features like biometric sensors to enhance the security, movement detection, temperature sensors but we will believe on these all when we will see it with our own eyes..

Its reported that watch lover Jony Ive is heading this project, his team has visited many fancy watch factories for designs and innovative technologies in watched.


iwatch rumored

What you guys think about this new iWatch and how much it will help Apple to increase the company’s revenue which is already the top smartphone seller?

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