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Share PC Internet Connection To Mobile Easily

Share PC Internet Connection To Mobile in Window 7 & 8

share pc connection to mobile and tablets

Microsoft has completely changed the meaning of Operating system in its latest Window 8. Window 7 and Window 8 are totally differ in all ways whether in terms of GUI or the features provided. Microsoft has unveiled many new software versions too for windows 8 like MS Office 2013, IE 10 and much more.

So lets check our new trick to share your PC Internet Connection To Mobile in Windows 8 and this trick will also work in earlier versions of windows to i.e Windows 7 & XP.

[box type=”note” ]Share PC Internet Connection To Mobile[/box]

There are two approaches to successfully share you internet connection.


Connectify Hotspot

Connectify PRO


Connectify is an advance and easy to use utility to share your PC Internet Connection To Mobile Easily. Its one of the best software to turn your PC in a HotSpot and share your Internet Connection over WiFi. You can download its free/paid version from Connectify Hotspot official website or you can have a cracked version of it. Just search at google for “Connectify Pro Cracked” and you can have the thousand of website available for downloading its latest paid version for free. Assuming that after downloading, cracking and installing, you have started Connectify laetst PRO version. You will be required to provide some information for your WiFi connection you want to create.

Hotspot Name: Its the name of WiFi which will be shown to others.

Password: Enter a password required by all other users connecting to your wifi.

Internet to Share: Specidy the connection you want toshare of wifi.

In Advance setting, Select Share over: Wifi and Sharing mode: WPA2 (Best Security over WiFi).

Now in Firewall options Check “Allow Internet Access”.

Now hit Start Hotspot button your window 8 PC will work as a hotspot. Your mobile will be now showing a WiFi connection of the name you specified in the software. Just click on it fill up the password and CONGRATS your mobile is connected to Internet.


[box type=”warning” ]If you pefers a free software over connectify or for any reason you can’t get Connectify Pro or its cracked version than you can prefer the utility given below.[/box]

WiFi HotSpot Creator (FREE)

This is a very simple and easy to use to utility. With this its very use to turn your Window 8 PC into a wifi hotspot.



So just download the utility from WiFi HotSpot Creator official site and install it. The latest version is 1.2 and it will first download a 1.6 MB(approx.) downloader which will automatically download and install WiFi HotSpot Creator. After you install and start it up, It will ask some information regarding the WiFi hotspot you gonna create.

WiFi Name:- Its the name of WiFi which will be shown to others.

Password:- You have to define a password and password strength depends on what type of connection you want to share WEP or WPA. In my advice always create a WPA2-PSK Connection with a good password so that your nearby hackers cant get access to it.

Yon can select the type of connection from a drop-down menu given in the utility itself.

Max Guest:- Its define maximum allowed connections to your PC. Keep it minimum.

Now Just click on Start and your window 8 PC will work as a hotspot and your mobile will be showing a wifi connection of the name you specified in the software. Just click on it fill up the password and CONGRATS your mobile is connected to Internet.


Comment Below for any doubt or if you want the latest Connectify Pro cracked version, Leave a comment with your email id.


Create New Partition in Windows 7 Without Formatting

With Growing Technology, We always tries to manage our data so that it can easily be reached. Operating systems like Window 7 & Vista comes with a utility called DISK MANAGEMENT, which helps in creating new partitions without the need of formatting or loosing our old data.

We can shrink or expand our drive according to our need in Window 7 using DISK MANAGEMENT. Disk Management is a utility through which we can create a new drive or we can merge existing drive thus it helps in shrinking/expanding our hard drive.

Procedure to Create New Partition in Windows 7 Hard Drive Using Disk Management

  1. First of all, go to start menu and then right click on “Computer” and click Manage.
  2. A new Window will come, In left hand side tab click on DISK MANAGEMENT under Storage.partition in win7
  3. You will get a list of your all drives. Then Right Click on your selected drive (from which you want to transfer space to our new drive) and click on shrink volume.partition in win7(2)
  4. A New Window would open. Check out the second option which is “Size of Available Shrink Space”. This is the maxiumum possible size of your new drive. Now fill the value lower or equal to the available value in third option which is “Enter the Amount of Space to Shrink
    partition in win7(3)
  5. After Entering the Value click on shrink and wait for the process to finish. If everthing goes well, you will have a new volume in disk graph reading Unallocated Space.
  6. Right Click on that Unallocated Space and click on the option “ New Simple Volume “.
  7. A new window will open up. Go through all steps required and fill in the values of your new volume’s size (Usually the value is the same one that you entered as the volume to be shrunk.)
  8. You will also need to assign a drive letter and also it will ask for file system to format our drive. Select “NTFS” in it and click on Next and after that Finish.
  9. Congrats, You have one New Drive now. You successfully partitioned your Hard Drive in Windows 7 without formatting and loosing your old data.

[box type=”shadow” ]SOME THINGS TO REMEBER IN MIND

  • Window 7 home, starter or Premium and other versions except Ultimate properly doesnt allow to partition if the number of partitions exceeds 4
  • The Method will probably not work in Window 7 Starter Edition[/box]