Customize Android Camera, Home shortcut buttons easily

Customize Android Camera, Home shortcut buttons easily

Android is always called an open source, highly customizable platform yet we never have a customization for the default physical buttons like Home button, Camera shortcut button. But thanks to “Home2 Shortcut” it is possible now.


[box type=”info” ]To customize your shortcut buttons, follow these simple steps[/box]

Step 1.  Download “Home2 Shortcut” from the Google Play

Step 2. Lauch it and it will directly take you to the selection menu to select which application you want to launch with a double-tap. Step 3. At Next Step, it will choose for double tap interval but just it normal(default) for now

Step 4. If you have any other Home Launcher installed than select it and select it. But if you have no idea about it then leave it default. Step 5. Now Click the Home button and select “Home2 Shortcut” as a default launcher and check “always”/


You are done, enjoy your new shortcut and you can play more to customize your camera shortcut button or to customize the interval.

If you got any problem just select any other launcher in settings or uninstall the “Home2 Shortcut” it will reset everything to default value and shortcuts.

If you got any problem/suggestion then feel free to ask by comment box below 🙂

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