Enroll now for a new Facebook News Feed with lot more features

Facebook new News Feed has some noteworthy features for which you should join the  waiting list to try the whole new settings..

fbnewsfeeds   Join fast, the waiting list of Facebook to try new features and settings on your news feed. We all already knew that a new Facebook update is coming but unlike timeline which we all hated its not quite unworthy. Facebook added some new features in its news feed which Facebook thinks “will attract back the loosing attention of teens.” Facebook has clearly stated that it will enroll the update slowly to make it completely bug free that’s why a waiting list has been created. You can join the waiting list by heading over to

  •  Click on “Join Waiting List.”

Facebook new News Feed have quite some intresting features. Scroll Below to get familiar with the new update.


Previously, if you joined a group for example “TechArti” then you will see its all different posts seprately but in the new Facebook you will see the main posts of the group and if you click over its thumbnail you can see its all recent stories. OR, if your five friend are sharing same post they they all will be merged to a single posts, it will surely help in to scroll all the news feed of friends fast and interactively.


Previously you only can sort the news feed by two operations “Most Recent” or “Most Popular”. But not you have many more ways to sort the primary feeds. For example:-

  1. Acc. To Photos– Yup as it suggest, you will see only photo updates from your friend and groups. No text, not Videos!!
  2. Acc. To Twitter Following- As we all know our twitter account can be linked to the Facebook account. By this feature you will not see any feed by friend, only the peoples you are following…
  3. Acc. To Music- With Facebook previous updates you can share your music liking through apps like spotify, this feature will help you to see all music liking of your friends.
  4. Last But not least All Friends Feeds- Lastly you will see all stories wethers its friends status updates or music liking their photos shared. You will see everything from your friends recent activity.


  • Don’t Like The new News Feed, than in one click you can switch back to previous design..

Unlike Facebook Timeline feature, which is permanent if you upgraded once, you can switch back to old news feed design if you think you cant handle or found too much glitches in this new interface. Just Click on switch to old design and you are good to go. switch-to-old-design   That’s all about the new Facebook feeds for now, check back for any new updateS…     Dont forget to comment here and give us your views regarding this new update

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