Most Detailed image of Milky Way Galaxy by VISTA telescope




Above You seeing  the world’s most detailed image available of Milky Way Galaxy from which scientists identified 173 million individual objects.


It contains more than 9 billion pixels obtained by compiling thousands of images taken by European Space Agency’s VISTA telescope. The image is of 24.6 gigabytes in size and has a resolution of 108,500×81,500. If its printed at the resolution of a typical book, measure 30 feet long and 23 feet tall. Wooha!!!

The image is not like other obscurred images of Milky Way as VISTA contains an infrared camera which make all objects clear and also can go past of any obstacle.In the side-by-side image below, you can see just how different the infrared view is






The main purpose of this large image is to study the stars and also to draw more information about the age and size of each star. For example it can identify red dwarf stars, binary starts and much more.


A Zoomable version of the image is available here:- ESO

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