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Windows 8.1 Preview is here

Windows 8.1 Preview





Yesterday Microsoft announced the preview version for Windows 8.1 at a conference in San Francisco, the company have introduced a few tweaks and some bunch of new features. But if you were hopping for it to return to Window 7 feel then you will gonna get disappointed. Now no more talk and lets check out its new features


New Features in Window 8.1


  • Search in the charm bar is enhanced and integrates Bing. We have a new Search EveryWhere option through which you can search via Bing Directly.




  • Alarms, Health & Fitness, Sound Recorder, Reading List, and Scan utility applications introduced.
  • Internet Explorer 11 which were fully expected in this new version!!!
  • Flexibility in resizing tiles(Large, Wide, Medium, Small). Tiles resizing has been made easy by just holding on click on a tile and selecting the required size, as simple as that!!
  • A better way to “Personalize” your home screen.




  • Able to categorize tiles and put names on top of block.
  • Improved tile movement.
  • Start button alternative. Yup you heard right the much howled feature for Window 8 is released in this version by integrating it to previous Window 7 like Start button but it really isn’t like a Start Button.

A right-click on the so-called Start Button pulls up a quick launch menu of shorts. The menu displays a list of administrative

tools like Power Options, Event View, Disk Management and Windows Shells. It’s not customizable.




  • Windows Store overhaul! Yet its obvious, window store is filled with whole new lot of apps and we liked some of these changes 🙂
  • Built–in cloud storage using SkyDrive. SkyDrive is integrated now and a separate new setting menu is available for it helping you customizing and changing it as per your need.
  • Slideshow, maybe even video on Lockscreen. A very intresting feature 😀





Some Other featurs are:- 

  • Proxy setup within Windows 8
  • An new and easier way to join a Workplace
  • Multitasking to the next level and much more..

Improved Mutlitasking in Window 8.1


Surely these changes have largely improved Window 8. But the main question arises that will Microsoft would able to attract back Window 7 customers??

I thinks that’s a much difficult question and will require some more features and changes to UI for it success.


So what you are waiting for, Just install it now.


Installing Window 8.1 freshly or over Window 8

[box type=”info” ]There are two ways to install Windows 8.1 Preview: through the Windows Store or through the ISO.

Click this link to choose your most preferred method. ISO files are not available yet.

If you’re running Windows 8 and you want to install Windows 8.1 Preview using the ISO, it’s important that you know where your Windows 8 product key is. When you update to the final edition of Windows 8.1 you’ll need your Windows 8 product key to activate.


To install Windows 8.1 Preview from within Windows 8, follow these steps:

1.Download the ISO (.iso) file.

2.Double-tap or double-click the ISO file.

3. Double-tap or double-click setup.exe and follow the steps.

If you’re using Windows RT, the only way to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Preview is through the Windows Store. If you install Windows 8.1 Preview through the Windows Store, you don’t need a product key.

If you download the ISO, you’ll need to enter this product key(PROVIDED BY MICROSOFT IN THE WINDOWS 8.1 PREVIEW FAQ): NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F. [/box]


Post below How you liked the experience of Window 8.1