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VLC Player Tips & Trick

VLC Player Tips & Trick





VLC Player is one of the best multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. So Here I presents you some tips and tricks of your favourite vlc player.


Some Tricks First

VLC Inception trick

By this trick you get an effect of your current screen like the above image. To perform this trick,

  • Open Vlc Player
  • Press Cltr + N
  • Type Screen://
  • Hit Enter and voilaaaa..

Video as ASCII Output




To Perform this trick:-

  • Open Vlc Player
  • Choose Tools then Preferences
  • click on Video
  • Under Outputchoose ASCII -art video output and click Save..


 Jigsaw Puzzle Game 

1) Open any video and Play

2) Click on Tools -> Effects & Filters -> Video Effects -> Geometry ->Enable Puzzle Game ->and  select number of columns and rows on screen.

3) And play


Some Usefull Tips Now


Convert and Audio or Video to another Format

why download more software when you can already convert any video format to other with VLC. To convert any video:-

  • open VLC
  • click Media then Convert/Save
  • A Dialog Box will pop up select any video file by click “add” and then click Convert/Save
  • Another Dialog Box will popup, here you can Add Source media(the file you want to convert), Choose Destination Folder(where converted file goes) and select the desired file format in Profile under Settings
  • After everything click Start and it will convert to desired format…

Download YouTube and other online videos


  • First of all go to the YouTube video page which you want to download
  • Now open your VLC player. Click on Media–>Open Network stream
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video page and click Play
  •  Once VLC starts streaming the video, click Tools–>Codec Information and at the bottom of the window you will see a Location box
  • Copy the URL and paste it on your browser’s address bar. Now download will start.

Listen To Radio On VLC

To Listen your favorite Radio station on VLC media Player:-

  • click on the PlayList (Ctrl+L)button
  • then on the Internet on the left side
  • This will pop up number of radio stations that you can listen to.
 Record Videos
Many of you don’t know you can record video in VLC, to do this
1) Go on View-> Advanced Control.
2) Click on Record button just above play and pause buttons.
and lastly but not least,
VLC Shortcuts
[CTRL] + [F] Open folder
[CTRL] + [D] Open disc menu
[CTRL] + [R] or [CTRL] + [S] Advanced open file
[CTRL] + [O] Open single file/files
[CTRL] + [Up Arrow] or [CTRL] + [Down Arrow] Increase/Decrease Volume
[F] Switch from/to Fullscreen
[M] Mute and Unmute Audio
[V] Show, Switch, or Hide Movie Subtitles
[Space Bar] Pause or Play the Movie
[P] Play the Movie (from the very beginning)
[S] Stop Playing the Movie
[SHIFT] +[Left Arrow] or [SHIFT] + [Right Arrow] Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 3 seconds
[ALT] + [Left Arrow] or [ALT] + [Right Arrow] Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 10 seconds
[CTRL] + [Left Arrow] or [CTRL] + [Right Arrow] Fast Rewind or Fast Forward by 1 minute
[ESC] Exit the Fullscreen mode
[+] or [-] Play the movie faster or slower
[A] Change the aspect ratio
[B] Change Audio/Language track
[C] Crop screen
[G] or [H] Increase or Decrease subtitle delay
[J] or [K] Increase or Decrease audio delay
[Z] Change Zoom
[CTRL] + [1] or [CTRL] + [2] or [CTRL] + [3] or [CTRL] + [4] Change the zoom mode
[T] Show time
[CTRL] + [T] Go to time

Shortcuts to Playlists 
[CTRL] + [H] Hide/Unhide Controls
[CTRL] + [P] VLC Player Preferences
[CTRL] + [E] Adjust Audio/Video Effects
[CTRL] + [B] Edit Bookmarks
[CTRL] + [M] Open Messages
[CTRL] + [N] Open Network
[CTRL] + [C] Open the Capturing Device
[CTRL] + [L] Open Playlist
[CTRL] + [Y] Save Playlist
[CTRL] + [I] or [CTRL] + [J] Media Information
[ALT] + [A] Audio menu
[ALT] + [H] Help menu
[ALT] + [M] Media menu
[ALT] + [P] Playlist menu
[ALT] + [T] Tool menu
[ALT] + [V] Video menu
[ALT] + [L] Playback menu
[D] Show the Movie path
[N] Play Next Movie from Playlist
[F1] Help
[F11] Switch Window to/from Fullscreen Mode
[ALT] + [F4] Quit VLC Media Player