Uninstall Backtrack 5 when Dual Boot With Windows

Uninstall Backtrack 5 when Installed With Windows


Backtrack 5 is a Linux based operating system very popular for penetration testing and hacking. It includes many popular tools for penetration test and also many popular hacking tools. If you have installed backtrack 5 with window side by side and now you want to uninstall it, then follow these simple steps to switch back to window and completely remove backtrack from your hard drive.

[box type=”note” ]Steps to uninstall backtrack when dual boot with window[/box]

  • First of all you need a live USB/DVD of window. If you have window 7 than get live DVD/USB of window 7. You can make one by downloading window 7 image and using power iso to make a live USB/DVD.
  • After that restart your computer go to BIOS (often by pressing ESC) and change boot order to your USB/DVD.
  • Now in windows 7 installation choose the REPAIR option
  • choose repair this computer with recovery tool and select Command Prompt from it.
  • Now enter this in cmd one by one

bootRec.exe /fixMBR

bootRec.exe /fixBoot

bootRec.exe /ScanOS

  • This will change your bootloader from Linux (Grub) to windows.
  • Now restart the computer and you will notice that window will load directly without asking for backtrack.



  • Right click on “My Computer” and Click on “Manage”
  • Choose “Disk Management” from Storage option
  • You will see all your partition in window. Now delete the unnamed partitions as they are one of which your backtrack is installed.

unistall backtrack


  • Right Click on it and delete the volume. Now you will have unallocated space.
  • Now just click on any drive and click on extend volume, select your unallocated space and click OK.


Congrats!! You successfully uninstalled Backtrack 5 from your computer and recovered the space used by it…


For any problem feel free to ask here. Got any other method to uninstall it? then don’t forget to share it with us…..

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